Just as you may not notice a tiny stitch in embroidery, that night long ago in Bethlehem a baby was born in a manger and he was much more significant than he may have appeared…

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"What Is A Mountain" includes 4 brand new songs that tell the story of God's amazing power and presence amongst us to overcome mountains, oceans, deserts, and the grave- all while pointing people to Jesus.

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C4 Worship "Hallelujah" EP released September 2017. Written by C4 Church songwriters, recorded by our worship team, celebrated by our congregation who have now made these songs part of our worship vocabulary.

Produced by David Leonard (All Sons & Daughters), Seth Talley and Brad King for The Creak Studio.


Our desire at C4 Church is to write songs inspired by what God is doing in our church.

Our hope is that these songs would inspire people to give God thousands of hallelujahs as they worship Him together. This might be in a worship service, in a time of personal worship or maybe in a difficult moment when one of these songs comes to mind. The voices of believers joined together to celebrate Jesus creates a powerful hallelujah so we can declare how amazing, how loving, how merciful and how worthy our God is of every hallelujah.

Some of the songs we write are now being sung by our own church family and the Hallelujah EP represents the first moment in time where we have recorded those songs to give people something tangible for themselves as well as for friends and family.

These songs are now being sung in churches across North America and around the world as this theme of hallelujah resonates with followers of Jesus in every country.